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PARAGRAPHE, is an interdisciplinary research laboratory attached to the doctoral School (N°224) Cognition, Langage and Interaction (CLI) of the University of Paris 8 , Vincennes - Saint-Denis.

Director: Imad Saleh, Professor of the universities in information and communication sciences (71th section of the CNU).

The objectives and the composition of the laboratory PARAGRAPHE are interdisciplinary.

Its members come from three sections of the French National Council of the Universities Council (CNU)

  • 71th, Information and Communication Sciences
  • 16th, Psychology
  • 27th, Computer science

They meet indeed in a common interest for the whole of the implications of information technologies, that it is through technical concepts like the search engines, the hypertexts, the hypermedias, the data-processing tools, the applications which result from it and the human activities that they solicit or through concepts concerned with the human and social sciences (ergonomics, cognitive science, sociology, philosophy…) like the social stakes of these technologies, their conceptualization or fundamental problems on the nature of information and knowledge and the more general questions of the insertion of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the loop of the human activity.

Within this framework, the laboratory is composed of four teams and a complementary group of research:



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